Seeking advice in Advance

We have been blessed over the years in having clients who have spoken to us about their commercial plans before putting them into practice.

This has meant that we can discuss the finer points of the plans with them and advise them the best and most tax efficient way of putting the plans into action.

As an example, we recently had a client who advised us on the Thursday that he was about to exchange contracts on the sale of his business property on the Friday and move his business elsewhere.

Fortunately, we were able to advise him of a more advantageous method of putting his plan into action which would be on course to save him thousands of pounds of tax. Admittedly this did cause him a complete reversal in the way he was proceeding prior to our conversation but we managed to keep him cool and communicate throughout, what was to him, a very stressful period.

So if you are planning to change course in your commercial or personal life please do come to us beforehand and discuss whether any tax advice would be appropriate.